Rules on SF Value Cards
Chapter I General Provisions

    Article 1 The Rules are hereby formulated to define the relationship of rights and obligations between the card issuer and cardholders, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and provisions of the PRC.

    Article 2 SF value cards ("Value Cards") mean a payment tool issued by S.F. Express Co., Ltd. (the "Company") to provide exclusive services to cardholders.

    Article 3 Cardholders mean that natural persons or legal persons that voluntarily comply with the Rules and agree to apply for or use the Value Cards pursuant to such Rules.

Chapter II Service Content and Charging Standards

    Article 4 The Value Cards issued by the Company are registered cards, which have passwords, can be recharged, reported for loss, and used for consumption but not for fund transfers.

    Article 5 The following rules shall be obeyed in order to apply for a registered card:

    (I) Any natural person or legal person that voluntarily complies with the Rules and has the full capacity for civil conduct can apply for a Value Card to the Company upon presentation of valid documents. To apply for a Value Card, a natural person or legal person (the "Applicant") shall fill in a Card Opening Application Form.

    (II) By signing the Card Opening Application Form for confirmation, an applicant agrees to comply with and implement the Rules.

    (III) The Company shall keep confidential the information of cardholders, unless otherwise prescribed by relevant laws, regulations or regulatory authorities, or under special circumstances (like authorization by cardholders).

    (IV) Disposal of damaged cards

    If a card is damaged, its holder may apply for card replacement at a branch of the Company, but shall pay a card production fee of RMB10/pc.

    (V) Disposal of card loss reporting

    If a card is lost, its holder may contact our customer service hotline (273-00-273) for loss reporting; upon completion of which, the cardholder may apply for a new card at a branch of the Company, but shall pay a card production fee of RMB10/pc.

    (VI) Modification and resetting of passwords

    To modify the password of a Value Card, the cardholder can modify it via the HHT of couriers; if a cardholder forgets the password of his/her card, he/she can contact our customer service hotline (273-00-273) to reset the password.

    (VII) Enquiry of card balance Cardholders can enquire the balance of cards via the CSRs, website, and branches of the Company, or the HHT of couriers.

    (VIII) Change of information

    Cardholders can change their personal information by presenting their valid documents and Value Cards at the branches of the Company, if necessary.

    Article 6 The pre-deposited funds in Value Cards can only be used to pay for express service expenses, other than payments for goods, monthly settlements, advance warehouse-in/-out expenses.

Chapter III Rights and Obligations of Cardholders

    Article 7 Cardholders have the right to be informed of the Company's service contents, product functions, purposes of such services and products, charging items and standards, and to enquire and check the result of payment service.

    Article 8 Cardholders shall provide authentic, valid, complete and the most updated information; or otherwise bear all the consequences arising from not doing so.

    Article 9 Password protection is adopted for the Value Cards of the Company. Transactions conducted by using passwords are all deemed to be carried out by cardholders themselves; therefore, card passwords shall be kept properly.

    Article 10 Registered Value Cards shall be used and kept by cardholders themselves, instead of being sold, rented or lent to others; otherwise, cardholders shall all the consequences arising therefrom.

    Article 11 Cardholders shall properly keep transaction vouchers, and strictly comply with the business regulations of the Company.

    Article 12 Cardholders shall not exploit the payment service of the Company for cash, or engage in illegal or criminal activities such as tax evasion, bribery, money laundering, gambling and fraud.

    Article 13 Cardholders shall provide their ID documents and transaction vouchers truthfully, cooperate with the Company in investigations of contentious or abnormal transactions, and cooperate with relevant government departments in anti-money laundering investigations.

Chapter IV Rights and Obligations of the Company

    Article 14 The Company shall expressly set forth the content of payment service, product functions, purposes, charging items and standards.

    Article 15 The Company can reject invalid payment instructions of cardholders or illegal payment orders; and has the right to investigate into abnormal transactions, examine original transaction vouchers, and report suspicious illegal or criminal payment activities to regulatory authorities.

    Article 16 The Company shall provide consulting, complaint handling and other related services to cardholders.

    Article 17 The Company possesses the Value Cards, and reserves the right to recall them or stop card issuance. Upon issue of a notice, the Company is entitled to suspend the right of cardholders to use the Value Cards at any time for reasons it deems justifiable, no matter cardholders have received or are aware of such notice, and to disqualify a cardholder from card use or put a Value Card on the list of payment suspension for reasons it deems justifiable.

Chapter V Legal Liability

    Article 18 The Company will not assume any liability for the economic losses caused to cardholders due to the following reasons:

    (I) Where a card is lost or illegally used by others due to improper keeping of the card or its password; or where a transactional dispute cannot be verified due to the alteration or loss of transaction vouchers;

    (II) Where a cardholder fails to carry out operations according to the payment process provided by the Company, or relevant operations go beyond the service scope of the Company;

    (III) Where a cardholder exploits the payment service to engage in illegal or criminal activities, which causes payment to be invalid;

    (IV) In respect of other losses caused by cardholders purposefully or due to negligence of cardholders.

    Article 19 The Company, under all circumstances, shall not assume the compensation liability for the losses caused by force majeure factors, including riots, natural disasters, wars, government actions, changes of laws or regulations, and inaction of third parties.
Chapter VI Credit Reporting Authorization

    Article 20 Cardholders agree and grant the authorization that, when it comes to individual services they apply for or use, the Company has the right to submit their personal credit information to the individual credit information database of the People's Bank of China ("PBC") and the credit reporting institutions established under the approval of PBC, in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Administration of the Basic Data of Individual Credit Information of PBC, and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Cardholders also agree that the competent users as stated in the above laws and regulations can view and use their credit reports (including social security information) within the prescribed scope.

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

    Article 21 The Rules are formulated by the Company in accordance with the law, and the Company reserves the right to amend the Rules to the extent as permitted by law. Relevant amendments will be published on the official website of the Company, and shall be deemed served to cardholders from the date of publication. Relevant amendments shall be equally binding on all the parties concerned.

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